“While most major companies understand the need to adapt to the marketplace, we find that they often don’t have the level of commitment needed for a commercial transformation to succeed over time".

Marketing & Sales

Driving above market growth in B2B


McKinsey&Company / May 2018

Our research demonstrates that companies with more advanced marketing and sales capabilities tend to grow their revenue 30% more than the average company within their sector. (See exhibit). 


What’s more, those companies with leading digital capabilities, are growing 5x faster than their peers.


Marketing & Sales

Driving above market growth in B2B


McKinsey&Company / May 2018

Company's performance relative to market McKinsey&Company, Hubspot, Google, Digital Commerce 360

For B2B Companies has been difficult to invest in Digital Marketing because they were not used to.

Right now, few B2B companies in the USA - Canada - Mexico are investing in specialized digital marketing and communications.


They can get much better results if they invest in technological B2B marketing and apply omnichannel digital strategies.

Most of the B2B companies are still applying traditional marketing strategies, involving sales people at the front line, and ‘leaving to the wind’ a possible digital strategy.


Some of the few are giving their first steps. These ones are going to lead their categories.


The B2B Customer Buying Journey starts on a search engine

  •  90% of B2B customers start their journey with a search in digital media. (Source: Forrester).
  • B2B Costumers are highly educated and like to comparison shop for the best possible value, they make 12 searches on average prior to engaging on a specific brand’s site. (Source: Google).
  • 90% of B2B customers research 2-7 sites before they make a purchase. (Source: Digital Commerce 360).


The New B2B Purchase Cycle

is long and involves many others

  • The number of people involved in a single company buying decision has risen from 1-2 to 7-8 in a typical small business, max 500 employees (Source: Gartner).
  • Nurtured B2B leads are 20% more likely to make a purchase. (Source: HubSpot).

B2B customers, like B2C consumers, look for the best digital experience

  • The number of companies investing in the omnichannel experience has jumped from 20% to more than 80%. (Source: PWC).
  • The customer experience was #1 key brand differentiator, beating out both product and price. (Source: Walker Info).
  • 86% of B2B buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. (Source: PWC).

B2B companies that invest in digital marketing & sales drive above market growth.

Marketing & Sales• Driving above market growth in B2B

McKinsey&Company / May 2018

digital interacciones are 2 to 3 times more important than traditional interactions McKinsey&Company, Hubspot, Google, Digital Commerce 360

We have to understand how Millenials work, and B2B companies have to be present everywhere they search for information because they're becoming decision-makers.

Remember, they find credibility on the Internet and always look for more evidence and reviews. 

Linkedin is the social marketplace where your B2B company has to be and outperform.

Linkedin users social marketplace. McKinsey&Company, Hubspot, Google, Digital Commerce 360


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